What is Family Documentary Photography?

Family Documentary Photography is the capturing of your family's daily life, exactly as it is. I focus on telling the authentic story of your family's everyday life while maintaining an observational and unobtrusive approach. This allows you, and your family, to be their authentic selves, resulting in photos that embody true emotion, and will spark memories years down the line. 

Who do these sessions appeal to? 

Family Documentary sessions are great for families who want to capture their life exactly as it is, in this moment. These sessions are great for anyone who is emotional about their babies growing up and wants to document these fleeting moments and highlight their babies personalities through gorgeous memory evoking photos. If you have kids who won't sit still for a posed portrait session, this is a great alternative. They will not be asked to sit still, but instead encouraged to let their personalities shine! 

Who is not suited for these sessions? 

Families looking to get updated family portraits, this session is probably not for you. If you're looking for something quick, this session is probably not for you. If you want perfectly posed photos of your kids smiling at the camera, this session is probably not for you.

Why are Family Documentary Sessions so long? 

Mainly because it does take a while to warm up to the camera. I would say about 30 mins. into my arrival is when everyone starts to loosen up. It may feel like a bit of weird paparazzi at first, but soon I blend into the background. Documentary sessions also take more time because I need to capture your story. It takes time to capture all the details that make your family "you". Just remember, this is not a posed session, so you will not be sitting the whole time smiling for the camera. If at any time the camera gets to be too much, you are free to step away into another room and take a break. 

With the sessions being long, what if emotions start to fly or tantrums erupt? 

I come into your home with zero judgment, seriously. I am a mom of 2 Donnie Thornberry's who are on an emotional rollercoaster. I am the oldest of 7 siblings. I've seen it, I've heard it, been there, and back again. If tantrums start up, you may find me still going on taking photos. As long as I am not escalating the situation, I will typically continue to do so. These photos, the good and the bad, are all part of the documentary experience. These photos, the good and the bad, are all part of the documentary experience. It is bound to happen, and if it does seem to be getting out of hand, you or your children are able to take a break at any time.

What if my house is messy? Do I have to clean up? 

Messy houses add character. The whole reason for your session is to capture your everyday life, in this exact moment. If you are bothered by mess, clean up of course! But please don't think your home will need to be in spotless order. Personally, when I'm looking back on old photos, I detail gaze and see what was laid across the kitchen table, what was written on the fridge, or OH! remember that weird painting on the wall? What the heck was that about? We want to give our children the same opportunites in the future; to look back and say, "Man, I remember my room just like that, I can still smell the softener my mom used to use". 

What do we do during the session? Should we have activities planned? 

You don't have to have anything planned, some folks just wing it. If you are like me and need a plan, think about some activities that you and your family like to do together, but don't try to cram too many activities into your session. This should be an stress-free session and bouncing from activity to activity can get stressful. 

What are your favorite activities to photograph? What activites do not work well for these sessions? 

I love to photograph camping trips or day adventures. Amusement parks, zoos, camping, hiking, swimming, hanging out at home, cooking, playing outside, or any unplugged activity is great! Playgrounds with other children are hard, to maneuver not getting the other children in the photos. Long meals and long, involved board games are also hard to photograph after a while.