1. When you look back, you'll remember what you were feeling.
  2. You get to see things you didn't even know happened.
  3. You still get time set aside for posed portraits.
  4. All the little details you worked so hard on, are captured.
  5. It is raw, true, and honest.
  6. Documentary photographers are unobtrusive, meaning you get to relax and enjoy your wedding day.

Having to explain how catching the bouquet works to the confused boyfriend, or the time your husband tried to claim your life insurance before the wedding even ended, or the moment you gained another member to your family. These moments aren't typically captured with traditional portrait photographers, but they are the moments that matter the most. You plan every detail from the table decor, to the shoes on your feet, all the way down to your "something blue". At the end of the day, I will have captured it all.